A blend of new classic world film, hospitality, industry connections and of course a hearty brand of  vetted and trusted distributors,/buyers, audience and special guests will round out what is sure to become a major stop in the vein of top U.S. and international film events.

     Hosted by veterans of over sixty years of live entertainment events and scheduled to take place in one of the most dynamic cities in the world, Las Vegas: HDIFF guarantees to give filmmakers and writers the opportunity to showcase their works to a world audience, be screened in beautiful venues, offer validation, recognition  and awards in multiple Award Categories and in short, become a must attend show for all involved in the film and television industries.

      As we move forward with the 2021 season, we are  sharing the spotlight with our Sister Festival, The Action On Film International Film Festival XVII  MegaFest. We welcome all of you to become a part of the amazing festival. AOF MegaFest now includes Action On Film, Hollywood Dreams, Legendary Stunt Awards, Icon Awards, World Cinema, The Susan Stafford Las Vegas Christian Film Festival,  The NewsFest, Conquering Disabilities With Film International Film Festival, The New Cinema Film and Music Festival, The Great Chinese Las Vegas Film Festival,  and Anabelle Munro's The Most Important Films all under one roof during the same week. 

     WHY?  It's simple, you spend a lot of time, money, effort and energy in making your movies, writing your scripts, creating your art and then you travel half way across the country hoping that someone will notice you in the crowd.    Well, at Megafest, we provide you with a myriad of shows, opportunities and more! 

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Did you know we have our own Magazine?  Well we do and if you'd like to read the latest edition just click the pic!


     The Great Larry Wayne Morbitt, directly from a 15 year career on stage with The Phantom of The Opera took the stage to welcome in the 2021 Hollywood Dreams Black Tie Dinner and Award Show.  Thanks to Larry for making a mad dash from the Honda Center and then back to Vegas to hook us up.  Standing Ovation, Tears and love. 

What a man!